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Like most of us, North Yorkshire Bat Group has been affected by the Covid-19 crisis. All of our events are currently suspended and will only resume once it is safe to do so. Meanwhile we continue to provide information and advice about bats; monitor and react to any threats posed to bats; and plan future activities.

As summer is the time when bats are most active it is the time when you are most likely to see them. Female bats are now caring for their pups and will be very busy at night hunting for insects. Whilst they are away from the roost their pups may wander and find their way through tiny gaps and inside your house. If you find a bat indoors or out then your first port of call should be the National Bat Helpline run by the Bat Conservation Trust 0345 1300 228. They will be able to give you advice over the telephone and send you supporting literature. If necessary, they may also be able to arrange for a volunteer to visit.

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